About us

Introduction of our Company


Bakhter Money Transfer Limited is a business as Cash'n'Cash in HM Customs and Excise registered Money Service Business (MSB) under the registration for
MLR No. 12799698.

Furthermore, it is also registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as Small Payment Institution having firm Reference No. 674882

Our Mission

“We aim to extend the opportunities of growth in the market for our partners and stakeholders where we are operating our business in order to be recognised the most reliable, efficient and innovative money transfer company. However, to achieve this we are committed to do proper and continuous market research and comply according to the standard Money Laundering Policies in order to avoid financial terrorism from market”.

Our Vision

● To become a leading money transfer company in South Asia and Central Asia markets.
● To be the first priority of the customers through our services.
● To reach out customers due to globalisation rather than waiting for them to reach us.


Compliance is the main point for the success of our business due to which we have supplied extremely classy system to have check and balance on each transaction that complies with the standard Money Laundering Regulations and Key legalisation within track record of KYC (Know Your Customer) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

It can help our employees, agents and partners that a transaction is free of fraudster, terrorist, deceased, money launderer, or a Politically Exposed Person through checking a particular person's bio-data with the help of up-to-date databases which meets with global compliance decisive factor.


Bakhter Money Transfer Limited is a UK incorporated company, which has been operating in North West London since 2013. Our both businesses were the focal point of a successful business in UK, therefore we initiated retail customers after getting a Small Payment Institution (SPI) from (FCA). Hence, our company is now ready to become a global money transfer company in South and Central Asia which can be expand to other parts of the world. Our company's success will be determined when we meet according to the requirements of our clients in the globe for transferring their funds easily and securely to friends and family.

This part of the business needs expansion in the world which can be achieved through agents, correspondents, partner Banks and founding of new ventures in the globe which facilitates people from different cultures in order to send and receive funds.


Following are the principle, policies and procedures to make sure obligation for superlative services to beneficiaries at best values.

Training of our staff members in order to avoid financial terrorism.

To grow in a smooth and controlled manner which will help us to ensure financial strength and profitability over a year.

The Operational structure of the company which helps to implement, support and development of a company through an organised structure.

Making sure all the possible checks in order to save the money of customers from any suspicious activity.