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Frequent Ask Questions
1. How do I make transaction through this website?
2. How quick can the receiver gets his/her money?
3. Do I need any proof of ID?
4. How much fee do I need to pay for doing each transaction?
5. How can I make payment?
6. How will the beneficiary receive the money in Afghanistan & Pakistan?
7. If I want to become an agent of your company, what kind of documentation do you require?
8. What services can I access with the mobile app?
9. Does it cost anything to use the mobile app?
10. How do I get the mobile app?
11. What can I do to protect myself from fraud?
12. Are there common consumer fraud scenarios to be aware of?
13. What should I do if I receive a suspicious email, phone call or letter from someone claiming to be Bakhter Money Transfer Limited?
14. Does Bakhter Money Transfer hold funds or provide buyer protection?
15. What can I do if I suspect fraud or am a victim of fraud?
16. What does Bakhter Money Transfer Limited do to protect my information?
17. How do I pick up my money?
18. Does Bakhter Money Transfer Limited have a mobile app?

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