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About Us

August 31, 2021 2023-03-07 13:32
Our Story

How we started...

The now company director of Bakhter Money Transfer, back then in 2009, came to London as an undergraduate business student. Alongside his studies, he got an opportunity to work in a money transfer business. Being away from his home in another country, he was deeply connected with the nature of this business, as he too would send money back home regularly to support his family and friends.

In 6 years' time, with his keen interest in business, he learned all the ins and outs of the business. In 2015, he started managing ETIMAD MONEY TRANSFER SERVICES Ltd. along with its director. The company name was then changed to Bakhter Money Transfer Ltd. Not so long after that, in 2017, he bought all the shares and became the sole director of Bakhter Money Transfer Ltd. It has been 13 years now since he first started working in a money transfer business.

With years of experience, dedication and a very strong team on hand, Bakhter Money Transfer Ltd. has the aim of leading the market in providing its customers with the ease of sending money to their loved ones.

Bakhter Money Transfer Ltd. has always emphasised bringing in the latest innovations in IT and its processes to assure our customers get the best service every single time.

Our Mission

“Helping You to get your money to your loved ones, Fast, Secure and Hassle free.”

Our Vision

  • Be the first priority of the people all over UK when it comes to sending money overseas.
  • Have the latest developments in technology in hand to create most efficient and convenient experience for customers for sending money.
  • Expand our services to Europe, South East Asia and Middle East.


Bakhter Money Transfer Ltd. is operating in North West London since 2015.

Registered in Company House with registration number: 09398248

Is a Cash'n'Cash business in HM Customs and Excise registered as Money Service Business (MSB) under the registration for MLR number: XKML00000112343

Registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as Small Payment Institution having firm reference number: 674882

Our Values

Our Values

Customer Commitment

We build relationships with our customers that make a positive difference in their lives.


In all we do, we uphold the greatest standards of integrity.


WeWe provide exceptional services to our customers, resulting in premium value.


We collaborate across departments to meet our clients' demands and assist our company succeed.

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